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Below we present the Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms of Use”), a document that lists the main rules that must be observed by all who access the, owned by TAURUS ARMAS SA, corporation, duly registered with CNPJ / ME under number 92.781.335 / 0001-02, with headquarters at Avenida São Borja, n ° 2181 - Building A, Fazenda São Borja, CEP 93035-411, São Leopoldo / RS (“Taurus ”Or“ we ”/“ ours ”).


  • 1.1. This website was created to allow contact, to present corporate and product information about Taurus to the interested public.
    • 1.1.1. The sites and their functionalities are presented to the user as they are available, and may undergo constant improvements and updates.
  • 1.2. Taurus applies its efforts for the continuous and permanent availability of the website, being subject to extraordinary events such as natural disasters, failures or collapses in the central systems of communication and access to the internet or facts of third parties, which are outside its sphere of surveillance and responsibility.
    • 1.2.1. The user does not have any right to demand the availability of the website, nor can he claim damages or repair damages if the website remains down, regardless of the motivation.
  • 1.3. The user understands that, when providing his contact details, he will be able to receive in the e-mail and / or telephone informed, messages with notices, news and relevant information from Taurus. The user has the option to stop receiving such communications, if he wishes.


  • 2.1. The user is obliged to use the website only for the purposes presented here, with ethical rectitude, always respecting the legislation in force and the Terms of Use, being responsible for all damages and damages that it causes.
  • 2.2. The user is prohibited from accessing programming areas of the website, its databases, source codes or any other data set available in this environment, as well as not carrying out or allowing reverse engineering, nor translating, decompiling, copying, modifying, reproducing, renting, sublicense, publish, disclose, transmit, lend, distribute or otherwise improperly dispose of the functionalities of the website.
  • 2.3. It is prohibited to use data mining applications (bots, crawler, spider, etc.), of any type or species, in addition to another here not typified that acts in a similar way.
  • 2.4. In the event of violation of any provisions contained in the Terms of Use, the user must indemnify Taurus and third parties who may have been harmed by all losses, damages, including moral or competitive damages, expenses or other charges caused by such violation, including, but not limited to, limited to attorneys' fees and legal expenses due to the aforementioned violation.


  • 3.1. All news, images, videos and brands available on the website in any language or form are the exclusive property of Taurus or licensed to Taurus. Use of the website does not give rise to any presumption of transfer of that property or license.
    • 3.1.1. The Taurus brand is a registered property and cannot be reproduced without the express authorization of the company. The reproduction of the available content (photos, videos, catalogs, etc.) is prohibited, except with prior written authorization from Taurus or if it is intended for exclusively personal use, without the user acquiring any right over them.
    • 3.1.2. The user is aware that unauthorized commercial use may incur civil and criminal infractions.
  • 3.2. The user assumes all and any liability, of a civil and / or criminal nature, for the improper use of information, texts, graphics, brands, works, images, in short, of any and all intellectual property rights provided on the website.


  • 4.1. Taurus has its own document, called Privacy Policy, which regulates the treatment of Personal Data collected on the website, being an integral and inseparable part of these Terms of Use and can be accessed through the link found at the bottom of the website.


  • 5.1. Without prejudice to other provisions of the Terms of Use, Taurus is not responsible for:
    • For the improper use of the information, instruments and / or materials made available by the website, for any purposes, made by the user, being his entire responsibility for any injuries in his own or third parties' rights, caused by this improper use;
    • For any problems or improper functioning that occur in the user's devices and equipment, which are not related to the use of the website;
    • For any direct or indirect damage caused by third party events, for example, but not limited to hacker attacks, system, server or internet connection failures, including software actions that may damage your physical or logical assets in due to access, use or navigation on the website, as well as the transfer of data, files, images, texts or videos contained on the website; and
    • By browsing the user on any external links available on the website, it is his duty to read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the resource accessed.


  • 6.1. The Terms of Use are subject to constant improvement and improvement. Thus, Taurus reserves the right to modify them at any time, according to its purpose or convenience, and it is up to you to check it whenever you access the website.
  • 6.2. The tolerance of any non-compliance with any conditions of these Terms of Use will not constitute a waiver or novation nor will it prevent Taurus from demanding these conditions at any time.
  • 6.3. If any provision of the Terms of Use is found to be inapplicable or ineffective, the remainder will continue to apply normally.
  • 6.4. The website is based on the official date and times of Brasília (UTC / GMT -03: 00).
  • 6.5. The Terms of Use will be interpreted according to Brazilian law, in the Portuguese language, and the district court of the City of São Leopoldo, State of Rio Grande do Sul is elected to settle any dispute, unless the applicable legislation specifically specifies other personal competence, territorial or functional.

1) What is the General Personal Data Protection Law - LGPD? Who does it apply to?

The General Law on Protection of Personal Data (LGPD - Law No. 13,709 / 18), as its name says, was created so that individuals (called Personal Data Holders) have greater transparency about the way their Personal Data is processed by the companies and have control over their own Personal Data.

The LGPD applies to any person, whether physical or legal, who carries out Personal Data Processing activities (whether physical or virtual) in Brazilian territory, offers goods or services to Holders located in Brazil or has collected Personal Data in Brazil.

2) What is Personal Data?

Personal Data is information relating to a living person, which allows him to be identified directly or which allows him to reasonably identify that person.

Some examples of Personal Data: Name, RG / CPF, Address, E-mail, Telephone, Profession, Information about the registered weapon, History of purchased products, IP address and Geolocation.

3) What is Personal Data Processing?

According to the LGPD, Treatment means any operation performed with Personal Data, such as the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication , transfer, dissemination or extraction of Personal Data.

4) What is sensitive personal data?

Sensitive Personal Data is Personal Data that can generate some kind of prejudice or discrimination against the Holder and, for this reason, they receive special protection by the LGPD.

Some examples of Sensitive Personal Data: Fingerprint, ethnicity, religion, union or political party affiliation, health data or information about the holder's sexual life.

5) Does Taurus Armas handle sensitive personal data from customers?

No, Taurus Armas does not handle sensitive personal data from its customers.

6) How is Personal Data collected?

We can collect Personal Data in two ways: (i) when you voluntarily provide us (by filling out a form, making a purchase or making documents available to us, for example) and (ii) automatically, when you visit and browse our website.

7) Does Taurus Armas comply with the LGPD?

Yes. We always seek to protect the privacy of our customers, employees and partners. With the LGPD, we reinforce this commitment, since we carry out Personal Data Processing activities and are subject to the obligations imposed by the legislation.

We always seek to improve all our processes, providing adequate security of Personal Data, giving you a transparent view of the Treatment and guaranteeing the exercise of your rights as Holder.

In addition, Taurus is a publicly traded company and is listed on the Level 2 segment of B3, subject to specific corporate governance rules and strict regulatory rules of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission - CVM.

8) Where does Taurus Armas store Personal Data?

Personal Data may be stored on mobile media, electronic devices or in physical files.

In addition, Personal Data may also be stored on servers installed in Brazil or abroad using cloud computing services.

In any scenario, we commit ourselves to the necessary efforts to guarantee your confidentiality and security.

9) What is the National Data Protection Authority - ANPD?

The National Data Protection Authority - ANPD is an organ of the federal public administration linked to the Presidency of the Republic, which, among other duties, is responsible for ensuring the protection of Personal Data, supervising and applying administrative sanctions to those who disrespect the LGPD, receive complaints by the Holders and to stimulate knowledge about the protection of personal data.

10) Who is the Person in Charge of Personal Data for Taurus Armas? What he does?

Our Person in Charge of Personal Data is the focal point in the communications between the company, the ANPD and you, in addition to guiding our employees on the Data Protection rules and ensuring that the requests related to Personal Data that you make are met.

You can get more information and contact the Taurus Armas Manager through the LGPD Channel | Privacy Taurus Weapons.

11) What are my Rights as a Holder? Where and how can I exercise them?

You have the basic rights of intimacy, freedom and privacy, in addition to the specific rights provided for in the LGPD.

Access: You have the right to know which of your Personal Data we process.

Confirmation of the existence of Treatment: You have the right to know if we have carried out any Treatment activities with your Personal Data.

Correction: You have the right to correct your Personal Data that is incorrect, inaccurate and / or out of date.

Deletion: You have the right to request the deletion of your Personal Data. In this case, we may retain your Personal Data to comply with legal and / or regulatory requirements.

Sharing information: You have the right to know with whom we share your Personal Data.

Limitation: You have the right to ask for anonymity or to block your Personal Data that is unnecessary, excessive or illegally treated.

Opposition to Treatment: You have the right to object to the Processing of Personal Data if you believe that it was conducted in an irregular manner.

Revocation of consent: You have the right to revoke your consent for the purposes for which you have consented to the treatment. In that case, you will be informed about the impact that the revocation will have on the regular provision of our services. You can exercise your rights through the Privacy Channel. To enable us to exercise your rights, remember: (i) to identify yourself properly and (ii) to inform the right you would like to exercise.

12) Do the rules also apply to children?

We do not, by default, practice collecting Personal Data from children. Whenever we find that we collect Personal Data from children without the consent of their parents or guardians, we will take appropriate measures to discontinue such treatment.

13) I no longer want to register with Taurus Armas. Can I delete my Personal Data?

If you no longer want to keep your registration with us, you can request the deletion of your Personal Data through our Privacy Channel, but we would like you to know that it may not always be immediately deleted, because we can store your Personal Data for the preservation of rights. and compliance with legal / regulatory obligations, always within the terms stipulated in laws and regulations for a specified period.

After the storage period has elapsed, your Personal Data will be deleted according to your request, unless there is a legal or regulatory provision that prevents the exclusion.

14) I no longer wish to receive e-mails with newsletters (newsletter). What should I do?

To stop receiving emails with content from Taurus Armas, you should check the standard phrase 'If you don't want to receive any more messages like this, click here' at the bottom of one of our messages. By clicking on the link, you will confirm that you no longer want to receive our e-mails and, therefore, your e-mail address will be automatically unsubscribed from our shipping base.

15) How long can Taurus Armas remain with my Personal Data?

The retention periods of Personal Data vary according to the reasons why we keep your data.

We keep your Personal Data only for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes of treatment, our legal and regulatory obligations and to preserve our rights, always in accordance with the legal term.

For example, when a firearm is sold, we are required to comply with the record storage period established by the specific regulation.

Where can I get more information about Privacy and Data Protection? You can get detailed information about how we treat and protect your Personal Data in our Privacy Policy.

16) Will other companies or third parties have access to my Personal Data? How does Taurus Armas control the legitimacy of this use?

We may share Personal Data with third parties to carry out certain activities such as contacting consultants, processing payment for your purchases, for example. In addition, it is our duty to share some Personal Data with the Brazilian Army Command.

Also, within our internal processes, our partners can have access to Personal Data, such as the customer service area, for example.

Our contracts with these partners have clauses related to data protection, backups and responsibilities in case of information leakage.

17) Are my Personal Data sold?

No. We will never sell or trade your Personal Data for any reason.

We only share your Personal Data for the purposes of our business and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, always in accordance with applicable legislation and following strict security standards.

18) Does Taurus Armas have any plans for cases of Personal Data leakage?

Yes. We have an Action and Incident Response Plan, which contains the guidelines and procedures to be adopted in case of leakage of Personal Data. In the event of a security incident involving Personal Data, it is our obligation to inform the ANPD and the Holder that their Personal Data has been affected, whenever applicable.