The new Taurus T Series pistols

Brazil’s Forjas Taurus, following  a particularly difficult year dealing with much publicized market/users complaints about safety/functioning aspects of some of its guns (pistols, mainly), appears to be entering 2017 with a serious commitment towards products quality.  Other than simply updating its long-established bull logo, the company is in the process of undergoing wide changes in its organizational and industrial aspects, the later being the full transfer of its main Brazilian production facilities from Porto Alegre to São Leopoldo, both in the Rio Grande do Sul State.

Evolution of the bull logo in 70 years.

The industrial facilities in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul State. Much of the tooling and many of the machines were acquired from the Amadeo Rossi company, the well-known manufacturer of revolvers and lever-action rifles.

A quick look at the Taurus 2017 product catalog will show that older names, such as of the 800 Series and the troublesome 24/7 pistols, are definitely gone, and that new ones have appeared. If public attendance at the company’s stand in the recent LAAD 2017 Defence & Security show in Rio de Janeiro may be taken as an indication of general interest, it seems that the polymer-frame T Series of hammer- (TH) and striker-fired (TS) pistols is a primary bet for the concern to regain market credibility. Both series are to be available in full-size and compact variants in the 9x19mm, .40 S&W, and .380 ACP calibers. Taurus insists in calling the attention to the implementation of better quality control procedures and enhancing testing protocols for its guns, mainly when it comes to gun drop safety, a major concern.

The new models share a number of features, such as polymer frames, ambidextrous controls, interchangeable backstraps, underbarrel Picatinny rails, loaded chamber indicators, and interchangeable parts. Taurus says the weapons have special, enhanced sealing against dust, sand, and mud.

Here’s a very brief look at Taurus’ new pistols:

The full-size Taurus TH9 hammer-fired SA/DA pistol in 9x19mm (17+1 capacity). All calibers have 108mm barrels, 196mm length, 152mm height, and 33mm width, weights being in the 800g range. Other capacities are 15+1 (.40 S&W) and 18+1 (.380 ACP).

The compact hammer-fired Taurus TH Series guns have weights in the 700g range, capacities being 13+1 for the TH9Cin 9x19mm (photo), 11+1 for the TH40C in .40 S&W, and 15+1 for the THC380C in .380 ACP.

The full-size, striker-fired Taurus TS9 in 9x19mm has a 17+1 capacity and weighs 705g. The TS40 (15+1) weighs 728g, while the TS380 (18+1) weighs 738g.

All the TS Series (striker-fired) variants, both full size and compact, feature a dual trigger safety system, seen here in the applied position.

The TS9 field-stripped. Following a slight pressure on an internal button in the trigger guard, the slide assembly is just pulled upwards from the frame. For reassembly, just snap it back.

The guts of a Taurus TS9. Eventual firing mechanism problems are dealt with the changing of the whole set rather than fixing the broken part.



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